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ExitPoint Features

ExitPoint® is built around a series of investment portfolio management tools that integrate sophisticated and proven wealth building and wealth preservation strategies in a simple-to-use, easy-to-understand, non-technical interface. Below is a brief synopsis of these tools for prospective users. However, we recommend that the best way to discover all ExitPoint® has to offer is to simply point, click and explore the site during your free trial. Along the way, you'll continue to discover many more useful tools and nuggets of investment information throughout the program that we couldn't possibly summarize here other than to say, you're unlikely to find them all in one place anywhere but at

My Portfolio

The heart of the ExitPoint® application is the My Portfolio page, which provides you with a comprehensive all-in-one investment portfolio manager for all of your stock, ETF, mutual fund and option investments. Users can select from up to two dozen different portfolio views (including options specific views) to display information about their investments in a variety of ways that go well beyond the limited gain and loss information of traditional portfolio managers (including those offered by online brokers). Your ExitPoint® Portfolio Views can display comprehensive performance information measured over time, against different market indexes, and accounting for total return, including dividends. Your Portfolio Views also track a wide variety of company, fundamental and technical information for each position. A complete list of Portfolio Views is displayed below.

You can also "Group" your investment portfolio information in a variety of ways, such as by Account, Account Type, Symbol Type, Position, Market Cap, Industry Sector, and ExitPoint Strategy. Summaries of each group's investment performance are provided in each instance.

The Power of Database Search Technology

Knowledge is power, and with hundreds of bits of data available for each of your investments, how do you drill down to get the information you want quickly and accurately? ExitPoint's powerful Search capability is the answer. (Read more about searching here.) With this capability, ExitPoint users can quickly and easily construct and save a virtually unlimited number of sophisticated searches that can provide useful perspectives about performance, fundamentals and technical indicators.

We've Also Taken Care of Short Sellers

How frustrating is it for those who trade the short side of the market along with the long side to keep track of their total return? Your frustration is over with ExitPoint's all-in-one investment portfolio manager, which integrates longs and shorts in one comprehensive portfolio view, and even calculates the aggregate gain or loss from long and short positions.

Comprehensive Detail for Every Position is Merely a Mouse Click Away

Having an all-in-one investment portfolio manager that can display every long and short position for all of your accounts is highly valuable, but when you want to scrutinize a particular investment even more closely, simply click on its symbol and you'll be taken to ExitPoint's Position Detail page, where key information is displayed in one place. Also highly useful is ExitPoint's web links for that investment, from which you can easily navigate to the top investment sites for more news, charting, and even securities filings. No need to figure out which website to look for, or to enter the investment's symbol when you get there. ExitPoint® instantly takes care of all that for you.

My Exitpoints

The heart of the ExitPoint® application is the My ExitPoints tool, where the sophisticated ExitPoint® algorithm is constantly monitoring your portfolio and automatically generating stop loss recommendations ("exit points") for every position to help you limit your losses and preserve your hard-earned gains, including recommendations for all of your short positions. Sell Alerts and New ExitPoints are flagged (RED for Sell Alerts, GREEN for New ExitPoints) for rapid identification. A simple mouse click on the "Calculate ExitPoint" button, prominently displayed on the My Portfolio page, is all it takes. Moreover, ExitPoint® is not a "black box" that leaves you guessing why a sell alert has been triggered, like the selling programs promoted by other sites. You'll know exactly how each alert is triggered and be able to verify its accuracy.

My Accounts

The My Accounts page provides a summary of all of your accounts and shows the current value of the positions (stocks, ETFS mutual funds and options) and cash in each of your accounts for both long and short positions. Use the My Accounts page to set up different account types (e.g., investment, retirement, education, trust, client, etc.), create Watch Lists to monitor securities, or even set up hypothetical portfolios to test the effectiveness of ExitPoint® as you continue to refine and improve your investment management skills.

My History

When you record the sale of an investment in ExitPoint®, the sale is automatically recorded on the My History page, allowing quick and easy review of performance statistics on investments that have been sold. The My History page similarly records your investment performance on short sales.

My What-If Scenarios

ExitPoint's unique My What-If Scenarios tool allows you to compare how the investments you sold (or short positions you closed) would have continued to perform had they not been sold or closed. Such a comparison demonstrates the value of implementing a disciplined exit strategy and the ease by which ExitPoint® can help you do so. Can you think of a better way to analyze whether your investment strategies are working? It's another ExitPoint® exclusive. A simple mouse click on the "Show What If Scenarios" button, prominently displayed on the My History page, is all it takes.

With the introduction of ExtPoint® 2.0 in 2011, and the addition of dozens of new event alerts from which to choose, ExitPoint's already powerful Email Alerts feature has become even more indispensible in helping you stay on top of your investments. This feature allows you to have your ExitPoint® reports delivered automatically right to your Email in-box (including remote Email devices) without the need to login to the Internet. Email Alerts can be created to automatically contact you on an event-based schedule ("Event Alerts") or a time-based schedule ("Time Alerts"). You can create as many alerts as you like and have each alert sent to up to two Email addresses of your choice. Just "set and forget." That's all there is to it. Simply click on the My Email Alerts tab to get started.

If this all sounds a little bit daunting, don't be intimidated.

ExitPoint® is designed from the ground up to be highly intuitive: simple enough for investment newcomers, yet powerful enough for experienced investors and even portfolio managers. We also provide comprehensive drop-down guidance menus on every page to answer your common questions and guide you when help is needed.

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