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New Text Alert Capability

  • On the move?  ExitPoint now offers a wide array of powerful new text alerts 
  • All the information you need to stay on top of your portfolio - easy to read on your phone or smartwatch.
  • Works with any major U.S. cellphone carrier.

Remove the Guesswork

  • Master the decision about when to sell your investments.
  • All the tools you need to invest with discipline ... not emotion.
  • Use preset Stop Loss strategies or customize to your own risk tolerance.

Why It Works

  • Helps you better manage your investments - or monitor the performance of those who do.
  • Saves you time.  Spend your time making money, not learning software.
  • Makes you a more disciplined investor, the key to successful portfolio management and wealth accumulation.

Powerful & Easy To Use

  • Protect your investments in all market conditions. 
  • Simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for professional investment managers.
  • Works with stocks, ETFs and mutual funds – longs and shorts.

See the Total Picture

  • View all your investment accounts and easily track your investment performance in one place.
  • Customize your investment portfolios to the information most important to you.
  • Stay informed while on the go with our powerful email and text alert system.

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This is seriously excellent software. I use it every day. You've done a fantastic job.

Richard F, Sebastian, FL

Great product. You've saved me a ton of money (or would have if I had listened to you).

Dave O, San Francisco, CA

I think this service is a great idea. Hopefully this will serve me well when I need to just do the right thing rather than hesitate.

Darryl B, Wausau, WI

I like the way decisions to protect profits and prevent heavy losses are made. There aren't many who can keep mental stops for a large portfolio.

Ken M, Friendswood, TX

I think you've got a great site and even though I'm still in my 30 day free trial, I already saved a bundle during the last few trading days. Probably enough to sign up for a year.

Norm P, Boynton Beach, FL

From what I can see, your email alerts are more comprehensive than I've seen elsewhere.

Martin N, Seattle, WA

I am very impressed with your program, and look forward to giving the system a hard shot monitoring proper selling strategies using ExitPoint.

Mark G, Palm Coast, FL

I love the site, you've done a great job. Five stars!

Robert O, Roswell, GA

Making money in the market is not as hard as holding on to it.  Thanks for helping me with the second part.

Michael K, Baltimore, MD

This program is exactly what I was looking for and a fantastic tool.  I needed something online because I travel alot.  I've now used it on two business trips now and it was perfect.

Richard K, San Diego, CA

You came in very handy when the market dropped.

Nick P, Palm Beach, FL


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