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Use Daily Email Alerts To Stay On Top Of Your Investments

A disciplined approach to stock portfolio management, though often ignored after the initial purchase decision, is the most critical component in successful investing. Disciplined investing creates consistency, which helps investors avoid emotional decisions and stay the course. 

Helping you establish and follow a disciplined approach to managing your investments through the use of an easy-to-use, innovative and highly customizable set of tools is a bedrock principal behind the ExitPoint website. However, replacing emotion with discipline is only half the key to success. Good intentions are not enough. The other half is staying informed about how your investments are performing. This is another area where ExitPoint truly shines, not only by providing subscribers easy access to key information readily displayed within the website, but also as an information clearinghouse from which you can quickly find detailed information about specific investment positions from multiple other sources without the need for a complicated search effort. 

But if all you are doing is logging into the ExitPoint website to periodically check on your investments, you are not taking full advantage of all that ExitPoint has to offer: one of the most powerful investment email alert systems on the web. 

ExitPoint offers subscribers two types of email alerts, Portfolio Update Alerts and Event Alerts. Below is a brief description of these powerful alerts.

Portfolio Update Alerts

ExitPoint's Portfolio Update Alerts can be set to send you a daily alert before the market opens (Before The Bell Alerts) or after it closes (After The Bell Alerts). Not only will these alerts show you exactly where you stand with respect to each position in your various accounts, but also where you’ve been (for example, how far you are below a stock's high price since you've owned it) and whether it’s time to consider exiting a position based on the selling rules you have set for each position.  Most investors would be amazed - and perhaps enlightened - if they could readily see how far some of their investments have fallen in price since purchase.  These are the types of investments you should be carefuly scrutinizing before disaster strikes and your stock has fallen 30%, 40%, 50% or more.

A sample After The Bell Portfolio Update Alert is shown below.  Take note of the Best Price and % Below Best columns.  Although many websites may display how a stock or other investment position has performed over a specific time period - we do too - ExitPoint is the only site we know of that gives you your personal high price (namely the high price your stock has attained only since you have owned it) and how far below that price you are at a particular moment.  

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Event Alerts

ExitPoint's Event Alerts are some of the most powerful and customizable you'll find on any investment website, with price, performance, volume, moving average and technical alerts, not to mention our proprietary ExitPoint Sell Alerts and New ExitPoint Alerts.  ExitPoint even has specialized email alerts for option traders. Click on any of the alert categories below to display the wide variety of available alerts. 








When an event criteria is met, you'll be immediately notified. In the example below, an alert was set up to trigger if any one of three conditions arose, a new "Best Price", a 52-week high or at least a 3% rise in price. The alert triggered because the stock, LTC Properties, Inc. (LTC) attained a new Best Price of $39.81 per share. 

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Using the same alert criteria, the following alert was sent because the stock, Cognizent Technologies (CTSH)  rose at least 3% in price. Note how the particular criteria that triggered the alert is clearly specified.

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Finally, the price alert criteria for the alert below (less than $51.00 per share), triggered when the stock fell below that price.

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These are but a small sampling of the email alerts you can quickly and easily set up to stay on top of your investments at all times.