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You Talked, We Listened

Based on popular demand, we've made some changes to ExitPoint's "Portfolio Views" to better reflect the information you've indicated you most want to see where you want to see it.  ExitPoint's Summary View is the place where many users start when they sign into their accounts. Besides containing cost, value and gain or loss information, the Summary View has traditionally contained such information as "Date Acquired" and "Percentage of Portfolio".  Although many of you have told us you find such information useful, you prefer that the Summary View replace these columns of information with other information you consider to be more important to your investment oversight and analysis. Based on your feedback, we've done just that, by replacing these columns with each position's "52-Week High and Low", the "Year-To-Date Percentage Change", the "Annual Dividend" (if any), and the "Annual Dividend Value", which conveniently calculates your expected cash dividends over a year based on the annual dividend times the number of shares held.  An example of the new Summary View layout is shown below.

[Click Graphic to Enlarge]

To leave room for the new columns in the Summary View, we've also removed the "Average Annual Return", which we consider to be a less reliable indicator of investment performance than the "Compound Annual Growth Rate" or "CAGR"  (For a refresher on the importance of a CAGR calculation, please click here.)

For those of you who want to continue to access the columns removed from the Summary View, the old Summary View containing these columns has been preserved intact in the newly added "Personal Performance View".  We've also renamed a few other ExitPoint Views to better reflect the information they contain.  All of ExitPoint's views can be seen by clicking on the Select View drop-down Arrow as shown below.

We appreciate your input and hope you like the new changes.  Please let us know what you think.