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Use Daily Email Alerts To Stay On Top Of Your Investments

A disciplined approach to stock portfolio management, though often ignored after the initial purchase decision, is the most critical component in successful investing. Disciplined investing creates consistency, which helps investors avoid emotional decisions and stay the course. 

You Talked, We Listened

Based on popular demand, we've made some changes to ExitPoint's "Portfolio Views" to better reflect the information you've indicated you most want to see where you want to see it.  ExitPoint's Summary View is the place where many users start when they sign into their accounts.

ExitPoint in Feb. 23rd Edition of Barrons

Special thanks to Mike Hogan, author of Barron's popular "Electronic Investor" column, for referencing ExitPoint's new battery of stop-loss strategies.  Barron's subscribers can access this week's column, "Going with the Gurus" at  You can read more about these popular and unique strategies by clicking here, or watch a short video by cl

Clarifying The 2013 Capital Gains Rates

It has been universally reported that under the newly passed American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, net capital gain tax rates have risen to 20% for taxpayers with taxable income greater than $400,000 for single filers and $450,000 for joint filers.  To clarify this broad statement, under section 102 of the new law, the higher capital gains rate applies only to the gain that, when added to other taxable income, exceeds the threshold amounts.  Taxpayers b

Using Moving Averages To Determine When To Exit A Stock Position

For investors who want to know how to use moving averages to help them determine when to sell their stocks, this demonstrative video is for you.  In the approximately 6 minute video, we show you how the use of a percentage trailing stop applied against a moving average can be an effective investment strategy.  We then provide a demonstration of how can automate the strategy for you and automatically notify you when a sell alert has been triggered.


Understanding the Basics of Trailing Stops

Trailing stops are an important way to lock in investment gains and limit losses, which can help investors manage risk.  In this short video, we explain the basics of trailing stops and how to use ExitPoint to easily calculate them for you.


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